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Portrait-SquareJohn Rice (Bryant) has over two decades of distinguished luxury brand management experience as an energetic leader with strong general management, sales and operations leadership, and organizational development qualifications.  He has managed multiple business units at Tiffany & Co., generating over $50 million in annual revenue through periods of both explosive growth and economic consolidation.  Bryant has a long track record of successful financial and strategic planning, brand management, leadership analysis and talent development, as well as designing and executing improvements to teams’ cultural efficacy and organizational alignment.

After graduating from business school in the late 1990s, Bryant founded Visuance, a consulting company specializing in helping small businesses and organizations improve operational efficiency, leadership development, and employee engagement. Client industries include other consulting companies, government contractors, IT and software development, retail, medical, parochial, performing arts, and community organizations.

Bryant holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). In addition to his extensive management and leadership experience, he is a veteran of using social media and web technologies to build digital relationships and manage brands.  He writes, blogsand continues to consult on areas of operational effectiveness and organizational development.  Bryant was listed in the Spring 2013 issue of Capitol File magazine’s “The List.”

If you want to read additional details of his background, please connect on LinkedIn (just be sure to send a short note introducing yourself).

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John Bryant Rice | 703.989.2247 | john.bryant.rice@gmail.com | linkedin.com/in/bryantrice