Results & Achievements

Highlighted below are a few examples of notable results achieved.  For more information, see References and Recommendations and Personal Insights.


Held direct profit planning and expense control accountability for multiple business units with annual revenues over $55 million and expenses budgeted at approximately $14 million.

  • Grew revenue from $12M to $30M in my home store during my tenure in sales and general management.
  • Consistently achieved an Operating Margin in the top quartile of stores in the country.
  • My Mid-Atlantic flagship location, received Tiffany & Co.’s “Store of the Year” for fiscal achievement and financial stewardship in 2002, 2005, and 2009, and was the sole runner-up for this award again in 2010.
  • Rated ‘Outstanding’ for Sales and Profit Objectives in 2009 – the only Director of a high volume ($25M+) Tiffany store in the Americas to receive this rating.
  • Consistently achieved the highest internal audit ratings for internal controls of financial processes and records, inventory accuracy and chain of custody, security controls, and data protection.
  • Authored and presented a training module on financial planning and controls to numerous Managers, Directors, and Group Directors detailing the Statement of Earnings reports provided monthly to each profit center.
  • Wrote and presented multiple white papers on financial topics to other market leaders and staff as training tools


  • Appointed to a multi-departmental team that prepared and presented a broad proposal on Talent Management Transformation at the institutional level – how to better leverage internal talent and create additional career opportunities by removing vertical advancement silos
  • Trained, mentored, and eventually invited to serve on the executive committee for Tiffany’s Management Associate Program, an extremely selective management development program that trained new managers for leadership positions across North America
  • Served as part of the executive leadership team for the Mid-Atlantic market responsible for recruiting, talent management and maximization, and leadership development
  • Developed a Leadership Competency Model based on the premise that superior leaders are distinguished by their strength of character, discipline, humility, courage, and vision. I have written extensively about this model and other leadership topics in my blog, The Character of Leadership.
  • Mentored new Directors and Sales Managers throughout the Mid-Atlantic Market to establish best practices in leadership, performance management, and staff development


  • Intervened and transformed a $20M business with systemic and pervasive leadership deficiencies and an extraordinarily toxic climate into a thriving, productive team with a marked improvement in employee engagement, mission alignment, and overall performance, ultimately driving an approximate 30% increase in customer loyalty scores
  • Developed a highly engaged and top performing team in my flagship location, achieving employee engagement scores that consistently ranked at the top of the Mid-Atlantic market and in the top 10% of the company


  • Partnered with Tiffany’s corporate HR to identify training opportunities for staff to respond to the sensitivities, needs, and expectations of the broad diversity of cultures reflected in the Washington DC client base
  • Assembled one of the most diverse retail teams across North America at Tiffany, with up to 20 languages spoken and cultures represented in a single store


  • Designed, built, and implemented a comprehensive sales performance assessment application that aggregated multiple quantitative and behavioral data points, standardizing the assessment criteria, and reducing the time spent by managers from well over 16 hours to less than 15 minutes each month. This application was used as a model for a company-wide business objects reporting feature implemented across North America
  • Requested to propose and present an outline for an tailored Operations Performance Assessment Program under consideration across North America


  • Participated in a 5 year program initiated by Tiffany’s senior management to assess and restructure the way sales professionals were compensated. One of two people in North America from store management invited to join the project management team, which evaluated, developed, and implemented an integrated compensation structure and supporting software application across the United States and Canada
  • Assessed and provided input on a proposed workforce management software application under consideration for North America retail locations. Reviewed existing processes and deficiencies, current and anticipated future needs, evaluated a proposed software package identified for consideration, and provided recommendations for implementation

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