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Joe Linza

Joe LinzaPresident, Lynker Technologies

Lynker Technologies has engaged Bryant Rice as a management consultant on several occasions over the past six years. He has helped grow our professional services company from a start-up of one person to over 50 people. Bryant is a creative problem solver who brings skills in strategic planning, organizational development, and web/mobile strategies along with good common sense. I enjoy working with someone I can trust, and someone with a rock-solid reputation for integrity.

(Client of Visuance)

John Frantz

John Frantz – Vice President at Print Management Group Inc.

14 years in consulting and corporate communications, Bryant and Visuance were my “go-to” resource. If you are under-staffed, pushing a deadline or simply need a fresh creative perspective, you won’t be disappointed. An A+ in my book of resources.

(Client of Visuance)

Diane Ray Brown

Diane Ray Brown – Market Vice President, Mid Atlantic at Tiffany & Co.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Bryant Rice for over 20 years at Tiffany & Co. Bryant is a thoughtful leader with a high degree of integrity and trustworthiness. He is someone that you want to have on your team and more importantly he is someone that you can trust to put the needs of the team and your business ahead of his own personal gain. Bryant possesses a high level of business acumen and enjoys thoroughly analyzing every aspect of a business. He is a big thinker that takes all perspectives into account recognizing the importance of aligning a leader’s vision and goals. 

Over the course of his 24 year career working for our iconic brand, Bryant was recognized for building a high performing team that consistently delivered results. Bryant was the member of my team that I could always trust to be forthright with his perspective. He possessed the managerial courage and knowledge to drive decision making through both collaboration and candid debate. Our team excelled in great part due to Bryant’s many contributions.

Bryant’s ability to inspire trust, develop talent, and drive results will be an asset to any new organization.

Susie Freimanis

Susie Freimanis – Director at Tiffany & Co.

Bryant hired me almost 19 years ago with Tiffany & Co., and as our roles have shifted and progressed over the years, he has at times been my peer, co-worker, supervisor, and mentor. His presence has always been profound, commanding a quiet admiration while always remaining approachable. To this day, so many years later, he continues to positively influence and lead his teams with the same impactful style.

Although Bryant has numerous leadership qualities and professional strengths, one of his greatest abilities is strategic planning and execution. He is able to assess problems and projects with great clarity, and then establish a plan of action to achieve results. He is a master at leveraging his team’s diverse individual strengths to maximize engagement and productivity. It is not often that someone has such a dynamic skill set. Bryant is creative and imaginative while also demonstrating strong business intelligence and financial acumen. One of my favorites of Bryant’s mantras is “don’t confuse activity with achievement”. This is just one example of how he consistently strives to foster an environment of critical thinkers resulting in successful business development.

Bob Doto

Bob Doto – Director of Strategy, Sears

I had the privilege of working with Bryant for over 10 years and I have always valued his counsel, collaboration and friendship. Bryant has a keen understanding of luxury retail management and we collaborated extensively on many high profile projects, including a complete revamp of the sales compensation model. Bryant was always one of my top “go to” people in the field and I highly valued his honest feedback. His keen insights directly contributed to countless improvements for all stores over the years we worked together.

(Bob worked with Bryant at Tiffany & Co.)

Abigail Lorts

Abigail Lorts – Director of Communications and Administration for Northern America Retail at Tiffany & Co.

I have worked with Bryant for several years and he has been an influential collaborator and partner. His strong analytical ability is highly respected in our organization but it is his coaching and genuine ability to transform employees into outstanding performers that makes Bryant stand out amongst the rest. I had the privilege to work with Bryant on our Management Associate Program and directly observed what a wonderful mentor he was and continues to be to young managers just starting out. His thoughtful guidance and direct approach is rare and something that I have often looked to as the example to follow. Bryant is a savvy business leader, humble manager and supportive peer. It is an honor to work with him.

Trina Sams-Manning

Trina Sams-Manning – Boutique Manager at Christian Dior

I worked with Bryant for over 15 years as a collaborative retail partner and as governing members of our Merchant’s association. As the Association President, Bryant reached out to his fellow merchants as if our center was one company. He regularly touched base outside of meetings for strategy sessions, personally created the website for Fairfax Square, and exhibited principled leadership. He is one who functions from an ethical center which naturally relates to his focus on human capital and sound business operations. I can attest to Bryant’s keen business instincts about the multi faceted DC market. He makes strategic decisions based on dynamic changes and is focused on a profitable outcome. Bryant recognizes latent potential in people and cultivates and enables his team to thrive. I have come to know many of his team members over the years and they have much respect for him as their leader. Accordingly, this has enabled him to continue to grow his clientele base while helping to create an overall culture of shared client service in the center. 

I have deepest respect for Bryant. His integrity, sense of humor, business acumen, and selfless partnership are among many of his special qualities. I was honored to work with him and equally so to provide this recommendation.

Lauren Setliff Strickler

Lauren Setliff Strickler – Operations Manager at Tiffany & Co.

Bryant has contributed to my professional growth and development through his continuous encouragement, support and guidance. I have seen first-hand Bryant’s ability to recruit, develop and lead high-performing teams, while providing a working environment that is both profitable and operationally efficient. Bryant creates a team-building atmosphere that is focused on team work success where his efforts are directed toward the same clear goals, the team’s goals. As a leader, Bryant broadens the scope of company-wide business strategies, the importance of client development and how to deliver Tiffany & Co.’s commitment to service excellence. It has been a great pleasure working for Bryant, learning his vision regarding the operation of our international business, insights into his career in management, and what it takes to achieve long-term success as a Tiffany & Co. leader. I wish him the very best for continued success.

Renee McCurry

Renee McCurry – Program Manager, Talent Management at CarMax

Upon meeting Bryant, I was immediately impressed by his keen knowledge of all aspects of his business as well as industry trends and technology. As the Director of one of the most successful branches of Tiffany & Co., Bryant inspires an atmosphere that is not only profitable and operationally efficient, but enjoyable to work in as well. Bryant is an exceptional leader whose opinion and input I hold in high esteem. He is an asset to our organization.

(Renee worked with Bryant at Tiffany & Co.)

George Getschel

George Getschel – Estate & Closeout Buyer at Albert Smyth Company

For nearly two decades Bryant Rice has demonstrated his leadership in one of the most successful Tiffany stores in the nation. Bryant’s accomplishments in terms of management, developing staff, growing long-term sales and consistently delivering exceptional annual store profits are impressive. The foundation of Bryant’s success extends beyond his leadership and interpersonal skills, his systems knowledge, professional savvy and ability to motivate his staff, which showcases his understanding of organizational behavior and leveraging strengths. Having known Bryant for many years and having worked very closely with him, I can personally attest to the quality of Bryant’s work and his personal integrity. As a leader and colleague, Bryant is one of the most impressive professionals I have had the pleasure to work with.

(George worked with Bryant at Tiffany & Co.)

Josh LeDrew

Josh LeDrew – Sales Manager at Tiffany & Co.

I have had the distinct pleasure to not only work with Bryant but also work for him as well. To be part of Tiffany & Co. and to have the opportunity to work under Bryant has been the best environment I have ever worked in. The leadership, guidance, and encouragement provided to me by Bryant during my time with Tiffany have been essential to my professional development. Bryant has the ability to recognize his employee’s strengths and build upon them. Bryant’s willingness to go to bat for his employees with upper management means a great deal to all of us. I highly value his trust, and work hard to keep it. As a leader, Bryant has sense enough to pick good people to get what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.

John Bryant Rice | 703.989.2247 | |

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